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ICON-spiration    is   an   on-line   club   for   PFAFF   Creative   Icon   machine   owners   who want   to   intimately   explore   their   machine   features   from   the   comfort   of   their home   sewing   room.   Hosted   by   professional   embroidery   educator   and   PFAFF Brand    Ambassador    Nadine    Knecht,    you    will    explore    your    machine    screens hands-on   through   live   and   recorded   videos,   projects   and   techniques   designed to teach you how to excel on your PFAFF Creative ICON. Having   taught   hundreds   of   machine   workshops   to   owners,   we   believe   the   most effective    way    to    learn,    feel    confident    and    fall    in    love    with    your    machine    is through: Projects. Techniques. Community. Camaraderie.   Through   the   beauty   of   Facebook   and   the   convenience   of   live   feed,   as   a   member you   will   join   us   and   your   ICON   peers   regularly   every   month   in   a   closed,   exclusive member   group   for   lessons,   interaction   and   inspiration.   For   your   convenience and    to    handle    life's    unexpected    interruptions,    recorded    sessions    will    be available   to   watch   on   demand,   for   repeat   viewing   and   will   remain   posted   for future reference. Workshops   will   combine   a   variety   of   learning   tools,   projects,exciting   challenges and samplers to encourage hands-on learning. Here is the ICON-spiration workshop agenda and important fine print.

How to be brilliant with

your Pfaff Creative Icon.
You can register anytime.  Once your registration and payment is received you will receive an email with access information for joining the Icon Classroom in a private facebook group.  Click here for ICON-spiration Workshop agenda. Please read the important fine print. A PayPal account is not required; they also accept major credit cards. Or we will send you an invoice to suit your needs.
ICON-spiration $288 after September 30, 2018 Join us! Give back while creating unique Art from the Heart in your embroidery hoop. Watch for individual worshop accouncements and choose your project. Workshops to help you master your Pfaff Creative Vision, Sensation, Pro and Pro II.
Workshops to help you master  your Pfaff Creative Vision, Sensation, Pro and Pro II.
Watch for individual workshop announcements and choose your project!
Future Workshops
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“Art from the Heart” Workshop.
Garden Tulle Jacket. Texture in your hoop Chenile Techniques Tulle Rose Buds. Coming Soon
“Garden Tulle” Jacket Workshop
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Workshops to help you master  your Pfaff Creative Vision, Sensation, Pro and Pro II.
“Art from the Heart” Workshop
“Garden Tulle” Jacket Workshop
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