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Join us on a creative embroidery journey… EmbroideryM.O.M. is dedicated to helping you master your embroidery machine through a variety of workshops and videos that you can join in from the comfort of your home sewing room! We focus on project and techniques that will enhance your learning experience and help you master your embroidery machine! Through her EmbroideryM.O.M. Facebook group open to ALL embroidery machine owners, Nadine shares a variety of free projects, tutorials, embellishment ideas and inspiration designed for your hoops. As a PFAFF Brand Ambassador, Nadine also specializes and offers different classrooms and project exercises designed exclusively to help master your PFAFF creative icon from your home studio. Be sure to sign up for the the MOM newsletter and stay tuned for workshop announcements and exciting additions for your hoops!


As a former machine dealer and continuing educator, Nadine Knecht has helped thousands of machine owners over the last 25 years master their sewing and embroidery machines. Her fun and inspirational approach to teaching is paired with a strong belief that the best way to learn your machine is through projects and techniques. This approach is an effective way to enhance your learning and help you to gain the confidence to master and excel at your own machine from the comfort of your own home. She has taught hundreds of hands-on workshops both locally, throughout the country and for national dealer conventions. Her broadcast experience includes producing, directing and hosting “Sew Little Time”, an exclusive production aired through PBS. She has also appeared on America Sews and hosted “Kreative Klips” on ABC’s lifestyle program, Bridge Street. Nadine continues to teach and inspire embroidery enthusiasts around the world through live video lessons and demonstrations on her EmbroideryM.O.M. Facebook group with over 7000 members. An award winning sewist, quilter and avid embroidery enthusiast, Nadine combines her creative experiences to bring you a fun, out-of- the-box approach to mastering your own machine through her exciting projects and technique lessons from the comfort of your own home. We know nothing can replace the important support of your machine dealer in your local shop and with the help of M.O.M. we hope to take you on an inspiring, creative adventure each time we get together! Join us for a series of creative adventures using your hoop, mixed media embellishments and the latest in embroidery!
Be sure to join Nadine for free live and recorded video lessons featuring embroidery projects, designs and techniques for your hoop…complimentary for EMBROIDERYM.O.M. members
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